The basis of the foundations: a classic and multifunctional cream with bee venom for recovery after exertion, relieving muscle stress and a slight preventive effect on the human body.

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The cream softens and nourishes the skin, is indispensable for therapeutic, restorative and sports massage. A unique component in the composition - bee venom in micro doses - in combination with other valuable apiproducts helps to increase blood circulation, improves tone. Apiphytoproducts, which have proven themselves for centuries, in the composition of the cream, multiply their effectiveness in the skillful hands of a professional massage therapist. Massage with Tentorium cream helps to get rid of body fatigue, to restore muscles after intense physical exertion. This product contains a thick propolis extract, an innovative method of obtaining which is confirmed by a patent for an invention. --- The cream is recommended for massage. Store in a cool dry place. Expiration date 12 months.

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