This honey energy drink was developed after three years of scientific research at the Yugra Boarding College of the Olympic Reserve. Its action is confirmed by professional athletes. Medalist "One Hundred Best Goods of Russia".
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Based on scientific developments and innovative technologies of TENTORIUM®, the active components of the F25 program products are combined into a single complex to maintain mental, physical and emotional activity at a high level. Honey in combination with propolis, royal jelly strengthens the immune system, increases the strength and endurance of the body, improves metabolism, normalizes blood composition and blood pressure. Pine nuts contribute to maintaining the high performance of the body. Chitosan binds toxins, selectively removes harmful substances from the body, neutralizes fats, preventing the development of atherosclerosis. Flower pollen is a source of vitamins, trace elements, proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

This development is innovative, which is confirmed by a patent for the invention.

This product contains a thick extract of propolis, an innovative method of obtaining which is confirmed by a patent for the invention. A unique product in a convenient package (tube 100 g).


As an addition to the main diet at any time of the day.

Store at a temperature not exceeding 20┬░C.

Shelf life 24 months

No questions.

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