The legend of the TENTORIUM product line is a form of propolis with the maximum concentration of biologically active substances! An immunomodulatory antioxidant balm capable of starting regeneration processes - in a convenient individual package.
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All useful properties of propolis are collected in a convenient form of soluble drops of "Product No. 1". Alcohol extraction technology allows you to extract valuable flavonoid compounds from propolis - antioxidants that prevent aging processes. Propolis - a powerful natural antiviral and immunological shield - stimulates metabolic processes, helps to normalize blood viscosity, and has a persistent tonic effect. Regular use of propolis helps to increase performance and cope with negative environmental factors. This is especially important for people with reduced immunity and for those who are often unwell or recovering from illness. This product contains a thick propolis extract, an innovative method of obtaining which is confirmed by a patent for an invention.

It is recommended to take from 5 to 15 drops (in an incremental pattern) 3 times a day 20 minutes before meals, dissolving in liquid. The course is 1 month. Store in a cool, dark place. Expiration date 36 months.

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