Breathe deeply in the off-season and protect yourself and your family from colds and viruses will help natural dragee with pollen, honey and a specially selected herbal.
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The effectiveness of a natural remedy in the prevention of viral diseases is ensured by the exceptional properties of carefully selected components of the product. Honey and propolis are natural immunomodulators, traditional helpers in the fight against colds. They start the processes of stimulating the body's natural defenses, and rich plant extracts facilitate its course: soften cough; liquefy phlegm; have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. The rich vitamin composition of pollen helps the body to quickly recuperate after an illness or to mobilize them during epidemics. An effective product is suitable for everyone who wants to meet the cold season fully armed or needs a quick recovery from diseases of the upper respiratory tract. This product contains a thick propolis extract, an innovative method of obtaining which is confirmed by a patent for an invention.

It is recommended to consume 1 teaspoon of pills 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. Store at temperatures from 3 to 18 C ° and relative humidity of 75%. Expiration date 12 months.

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