Cream for eyes a specialized product aimed at preventing and solving problems associated with a decrease in visual acuity by applying the cream to the biologically active points of the face.
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Cream "Tentorium Ultra" - with an increased content of bee venom - a new specialized product for the preservation of vision by point action of the cream on the biologically active points of the face. Just 10 ml. The cream contains the poison of 30 bees. The effect of applying the cream is similar to the procedure of bee stinging. Bee venom together with acupressure on biologically active points improves vascular tone and blood microcirculation. With regular use, acupressure with cream:

Helps improve visual acuity

Relieves fatigue and eye strain

Prevents age-related changes in vision

Helps smooth fine lines and improve skin condition

Proven* after a month of using the Tentorium Ultra cream: 92% of respondents noted a decrease in fatigue and eye strain and, as a result, a decrease in headaches. 67% noted an improvement in the contrast and clarity of visual perception due to the elimination of dry eye syndrome and improvement of the lacrimal canal. *Based on trials conducted at an eye clinic, 2020.


It is not a medicinal product.

Apply a small amount of cream to biologically active points (indicated on the package) and massage with the tip of the dispenser or your finger 2 times a day for 1 minute. The course is from 1 month. The frequency of application is 3 times a year (autumn, winter and spring). For children and adolescents, the use of Tentorium Ultra cream under the supervision of adults during a test for the absence of an allergic reaction.

Not recommended for intolerance to product components

Store in a place protected from sunlight at temperatures from 0°C to +25°C. Shelf life 12 months.

No questions.

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