Healthy food at all times - dragees based on "bee bread" - bee bread - and honey. It has an anti-sclerotic effect, restores the activity of the digestive and endocrine systems.
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A vitamin product for all occasions is perfectly absorbed by the body and improves metabolic processes. A unique source of natural strength in dragees is bee bread, which is popularly called "bee's bread". It is a source of vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and lactic acid fermentation products. Perga has an anti-sclerotic effect, improves blood circulation and restores the activity of the digestive and endocrine systems. The complex of bee bread, honey and beeswax helps to strengthen the immune system and restore the body. This development is innovative, which is confirmed by a patent for an invention.

-- It is recommended to use 3-4 pills 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. For better assimilation of the active components, the pills must be chewed. If there is no need to gain weight, take pills after meals. Store at temperatures from 3 to 18 C ° and relative humidity of 75%. Expiration date 12 months.

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