The rich composition of the healing cream makes it effective all year round: the product helps to cope with weathered skin in winter, vitamin deficiency dryness in spring, calluses and abrasions in summer, and skin exacerbations in autumn. The time-tested recipe of "Chilidonia" is enriched with a unique patented ingredient based on quail yolks - Ovotelle.
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The innovative formula of the cream includes the gifts of nature, which have long been known for their healing properties: propolis relieves inflammation, honey nourishes, pine resin has antimicrobial properties. Cream "Chilidonia Ovotelle" delicately cares for the skin, especially effective when used regularly to combat trophic skin disorders, cracks and dermatitis. Particular softness, intense effect on skin cells and high diffusion properties of the product with maximum efficiency are achieved due to the content of the hypoallergenic Ovotelle component in the cream, obtained by deep processing of the yolk of quail eggs.

This product contains a thick extract of propolis, an innovative method of obtaining which is confirmed by a patent for the invention.


It is recommended to apply the cream on wet skin in the form of applications to problem areas, after 2-3 hours remove the remaining cream with a napkin.

Store in a cool dry place. Shelf life 12 months.

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