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Aspen+Black walnut StopParazit morning (18g)

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60 capsules of 0.3 g each.

Flax Seed Oil 45%;
Walnut oil is 43%;
supercritical extract of the bark and buds of Aspen 5%;
supercritical extract of Black walnut kernels and pericarps 5%;
Supercritical Cherry Seed extract 2%.
Chemical composition of plants:

D-glycosides (salicin, populin, tremulacin, salicortin and bitter glycosides), the enzyme salicylase, essential oil pectin and 5-10% tannins. Trace elements: copper, molybdenum, cobalt, zinc, iron, iodine, nickel. Propolis of aspen buds. Bitterness, carotene, provitamin A, fatty acids, anthocyanins, resinous substances, sterols, lignans. A large amount of yuglon. Lanolina acid. Mucous membranes enveloping substance.

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